Nov 15, 2022 • 3M

Discussion Thread: Do You Do Black Friday?

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James Breakwell
Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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Do you partake in Black Friday? And if so, what's your best score? I feel like we're comparing knocking off casinos in Ocean’s Eleven-style heists. Some people really take that kind of pride in finding a good deal. My mom is one of them.

We don't have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving specifically so she can spend Thursday looking over all the deals. She has to scope it out beforehand, like a master thief casing the joint. And when she breaks in, she doesn't go for the obvious targets that everybody else is fighting over with elbows and fists and possibly claymores. I don't know what shoppers are using these days, but it's rough out there. She goes for the more subtle deals that she can stack with other coupons and other bonus deals until the store basically ends up paying her.

I think she essentially does all her Christmas shopping for her 95 children and grandchildren in one frantic morning. I can't help but admire that, especially since I'm the one who gets the presents. I…

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