Jan 17 • 3M

Discussion Thread: How Far Will You Drive for a Favor?

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What's the furthest you’ll drive to do a favor for somebody? My range has definitely been going down over the years. When I was younger and my back was better, I would drive across multiple states to help a friend move. Now, not so much. A few days ago, somebody new rented the house next door, and I made it a point not to introduce myself to them until they were done carrying in all their stuff. I can't imagine anything worse than being asked to help.

I'll still drive a half an hour to pick up somebody from the airport if they fly in. There's really no other way to get out to my suburb. But if you're leaving from here and you already have a car of your own, just pay for airport parking. We're adults now. What else is money for, if not to absolve your friends and acquaintances from the obligation of carrying you to mass transportation?

But recently my favor range was called into question, and I felt terrible about it. My sister, who recently graduated from law school and …

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