Jan 24 • 2M

Discussion Thread: Your Best Sledding Hill

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I want to hear about the sledding hill when you were growing up, or maybe where you are now. Perhaps you're young at heart and, in your fifties or sixties or seventies, you still go down that ultimate sledding hill. Good for you.

My sledding era ended way earlier than that. There was a golf course that had a giant hill that said, “Sled at your own risk.” And risk it we did. That was back when I was young and spry and walking up a 300 foot hill for a ten second ride down seemed like a good idea.

My dad's sledding hill ended much more tragically. He grew up in northeastern Iowa in a section known as the Iowa Alps. Our ancestors weren't the best at picking land, and they decided to farm on the side of giant hills. They were terrible for crops, but they were great for sledding. Unfortunately, when my dad was 10 or 12, he slid down one of those giant hills and hit a tree. It messed up his back, and over time it just got worse until finally he had to abandon farming altogether…

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