Jan 10 • 3M

Discussion Thread: Your Family's Legendary Dish

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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What's the legendary dish in your family? Every family has one. I mean, I assume. I'm basing that on a sample size of one, with that family being mine. My grandmother on my mom's side always made cinnamon rolls. She had a giant platter of them anytime anybody came over and they were unlike any cinnamon roll I've had anywhere else. Other cinnamon rolls are like specialty pastries. These things my grandmother made were like bread. They were bread with some cinnamon in it, and then there was cake frosting on top. I think that cake frosting was really key. Turns out if you layer cake frosting on anything, it becomes pretty great, and if you put it on some bready pastry thing with a little bit of cinnamon inside, it is perfect.

I have done a terrible job describing this food to you, and you probably think it was disgusting, but I assure you it was the greatest food ever created. I could eat my body weight in those cinnamon rolls, and when you consider how little a cinnamon r…

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