Jan 3 • 2M

Discussion Thread: Your Most Successful Resolution

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James Breakwell
Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that actually worked? This topic fascinates me because my default outcome in any scenario is always failure. Not that I've never made changes to my life. Pretty much everything about what I do on a day-to-day basis needs to change. However, those changes tend to only be successful if I make them and then immediately follow through with them.

I don't think I could pick something to do on a specific date, especially if that date was away in the future, and then actually follow through with it. I don't have that kind of discipline. I only act on things when it's a burning house sort of scenario. It's a crisis and it needs to be fixed right now. I don't have the discipline to fix something in a month or two. Quite frankly, if it can wait a month or two, it probably doesn't need to be fixed.

I've changed how I eat several times, not as in I eat and then I relapse, but as in I start eating entirely different foods, then decide that's …

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