Sep 14 • 1M

Webcomic: Big Time Skills

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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My 12-year-old, Betsy, has shown herself to be very eager to learn various life skills. The number of things she can do that are traditionally reserved for adulthood is truly impressive. She can bake pies and many other dishes. She can make spaghetti. She can make waffles and pancakes. She could make actual cakes.

Outside of the kitchen, she learned how to pump gas. In fact, today, she insisted on doing it herself. She could drive the Barbie Jeep and I'm actually pretty confident she could drive a regular Jeep as well. And now, in this comic, she's asking me how to change the oil.

Now, I really don't know how to change my oil. I would never do such a thing. I will always, always pay somebody to do it because I don't want my car to fall on top of me and crush me to death. I'm cheap, but I'm also a coward with a strong instinct for self preservation. That was the inspiration for today's comic. Betsy keeps learning how to be an adult better than I can actu…

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