Sep 21 • 3M

Webcomic: Close Proximity

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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I've been out of the gym for quite a while. My appendix exploded in mid-August, but that was actually the halfway point of the current crisis. Before that my wrist had started hurting so badly that I couldn't lift. Then I went to Europe for a week and thought maybe staying away from the gym would fix it.

Surprisingly doing nothing didn't fix the problem. So then I came back and scheduled the doctor's appointment. The doctor told me to stop doing upper body lifts. And then I was traveling, so I was out for that. Then I almost died. And after almost dying, I obviously didn't go back to the gym. Then I finally got back around to looking at that wrist and got wrist surgery.

So anyway, it's been forever. It's been long enough that the people at the gym probably forgot that I was ever alive. Or did they? There were people there who I have seen every day, literally every day for the last three years. And I don't think I've ever said a word to them. We just exist in our own worl…

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