Jan 18 • 1M

Webcomic: Collateral Damage

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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My oldest two daughters love to cook, especially if it's cookies or any other kind of junk food. Basically the sort of stuff I wouldn't make for them or buy from the store. But we do have the basic ingredients of food, and that's their ultimate workaround. If I don't provide cookies, they'll make them for themselves. The same goes for cakes and any other kind of confection.

On Monday, the kids were off due to Martin Luther King Day, and Betsy decided to tackle my grandmother's cinnamon roll recipe. Those were the legendary breakfast desserts I talked about last week. I took her to the store for the supplies for that one.

But as wonderful as it is to have kids who love to bake, it's equally awful to clean up after them. I have no idea how they make that much of a mess. I mean, their rooms are always a disaster area. I just didn't realize that would translate to the kitchen. There's flour on the floor, on the walls. I can't quite see it, but I think it's on the ceiling too…

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