Jan 11 • 2M

Webcomic: Medical Privacy

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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For years, I've been the primary person taking our kids to doctor's appointments. Partially it was because I had more flexibility at work. Partially it was because I really didn't want to be at work. Sure, I'll take time off to take them to the doctor's office. Nevermind that that place is basically a bunker that gets no wi-fi. That was a fact I'd always forget until I was deep in the bowels of the hospital with no cell phone reception. But still, I didn't mind.

However, we always knew that my time as the primary doctor visit transporter had a shelf life. That shelf life came due just this week. We were caught by surprise by a doctor's appointment. They always catch us by surprise despite the fact that they’re scheduled a full year in advance. In fact, that's exactly why they catch us by surprise. When I scheduled it, they asked me if I would be busy on a random Tuesday a year from now. How should I know? Put me down. Then it pops up on my calendar and I get 16 reminder…

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