Jan 4 • 1M

Webcomic: The Right Motivation

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Family comedy one disaster at a time.
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This webcomic was inspired by a one hundred percent true story. So over Christmas break, my kids made an inordinate number of messes. They were huge in quantity and quality. They opened new packages of toys. They pulled out those toys and they tossed them on the ground when they were done with them. It was impossible to walk. We looked like a FEMA disaster area.

So one day we finally told the kids to pick up. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth. There was loud thumping. Occasionally, there were suspicious giggles. But after hours and hours and hours of effort, everything was still on the ground. Then I intervened. I pulled out a big black trash bag and said that in 15 minutes, everything still on the ground was going in the trash. I didn't care if it was a brand new toy. I was just sick of having it on the floor.

And what do you know? About four minutes later, the house was spotless. I just discovered a new motivational technique, and that was the inspiration for tod…

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